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The Sales made under this Invoice is subject to the following conditions

1. The Cost of the Designed and developed Website/Software sold under this Invoice cannot be refunded at any circumstances.

2. The Cost of the Designed and Developed Website/Software shall be paid within 7 days from the date of Invoice otherwise the unpaid Invoice amount shall carry interest @ 24% per annum.

3. Any request for modification or change of design of the Software/Website can be done only on the payment of necessary additional charges.

4. At no circumstances the Developer Source Code for the Website/Software cannot be shared by M/s Devasena Enterprises and the Customer shall be provided with user control.

5. Developer source code is the property of M/s Devasena Enterprises.

6. The Customer shall periodically renew the domain/Server/the maintenance of the Software/Website by paying the necessary charges to the Company failing which the company shall not be responsible for the non working of the Software/Website and for non restoration of the data.

7. The Courts of Chennai alone have jurisdiction to entertain the disputes.

8. Decision take by Devasena enterprises is final.

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