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If you're in a business where you charge your customers by the hour, you might have considered billing software. For attorneys, this type of software has become very necessary because it can be very difficult to keep guide track of the hours that are used on each specific case. Since attorneys normally bill in one-half or one-quarter hour segments, it can get even more complex when it comes to keep track.

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Attorneys have had to do this manually for a long time, but now that they have other options in the form of various types of software. By investing in this software solution, an attorney or an entire law firm would be able to keep much better track of numerous basis aspects of their job. This category of software generally includes time tracking, accounts receivable and bill paying, trust accounting, general ledger and accounts payable information. It also works with other types of software programs so you will be able to input information that you already have from programs like QuickBooks into it. That's a very large bonus if you already use some type of software to keep track of your billing, clients and time but are thinking about moving up to something that is more advanced and will provide you with more of what you need.

A lot of the billing software, time tracking software, and time sheet software out there is surprisingly affordable. There are also free trial options for as long as thirty days so you can make sure that you like the software that you're getting. It's very important to make sure that it does everything that it's supposed to do and that you need it to do for your business. Not all of these software programs are created equally, and that's important to remain aware of when you're looking for these kinds of programs. Attorneys are generally the people, who use these kinds of software programs, but there are other people who use billable hours in their careers, and any of them could also use this type of software. Mostly, it depends on what you need the software to actually do. In addition to the kinds of software that offer billable hours there are also packages that can be purchased and that offer more standard payroll and time clock options. With billing software, there are options for anyone and all different types of careers.



Database: Backup, Restore


Sales Man




Stock In



Billing Invoice



Records : Customer, Sales Man, Supplier, Product, Purchase, Service, Quotations, Service Billing, Payment

Reports : Sales, Stock in and Stock out, Purchase, Expenditure, Creditors and Debtors | Daybook : Purchase Daybook , General Daybook

Supplier Ledger

Customer Ledger

General Ledger

Relationship: Customers, Staffs, Suppliers

Item, Inventory: Items, Inventory

Purchase Order: Customer PO, Supplier PO

Request & Promotions: Reward Customer Now, Customer Rewards, Promotions, All Requests

Delivery Challan: Customer DC, Supplier DC

Sales: Quotation, Invoice, Payments

Purchases & Payments: Purchase, Purchases Payments

Bankings & Transactions: Bank Account, Bank Account Deposit, Bank Account Transfers, Transactions, Expenses

Wishes & Promotional: SMS Messages, Email Messages, Referal Enable/Disable, Referal History

GST Return: GSTR1

Reports: Sales Reports, Customer PO Reports, Supplier PO Reports, Supplier DC Reports, Customer DC Reports, Customer Statement, Instamojo Payment Report, Sales History Reports, Purchase Reports, Expense Reports, Income Reports, Income VS Expense Reports, Receivable payment

Company Details: Company Settings, Assesment Year, Auto SMS/EMAIL, Team Members, User Roles, Warehouses

General Setting: Item Categories, Income Expense Category, Units, Sms Setup, Database Backup, Print Barcode

Finance: Taxes, currencies, Payment Terms, Payment Methods, Payment Gateway

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