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About Indicash

The Indicash ATM network is operated and managed by Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd. (TCPSL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, backed by the Tata group. Indicash is the leading White Label ATM Operator in the country. Driven by Tata’s ethos of empowering masses, Indicash today have earned the trust of more than 1.5 cr users per month and is also also one of the largest private ATM operator in rural geographies.

Indicash now brings an exciting business proposition for entrepreneurs with Indicash ATM Franchise Business Model - An Asset Lite, High Margin Business Opportunity with Minimal Investment.Join us in our endeavour to keep India #CashEmpowered.

India Uses Indicash

Why become an Indicash ATM Franchisee?

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Partner with India's leading White Label ATM Operator, backed by the trusted TATA group

Minimal & One-Time Investment

Make an initial investment with refundable* security deposit

High Return on Investment

Potential to achieve ROI of upto 33% in year 1 and upto 53% in year 5

Flexible Business Model

Leverage an existing Indicash site or propose selfowned/leased commercial space

Training and Technical Support

Dedicated backend support team by TCPSL

How does it work?

Shortlisting of Site

Based on business requirement, either choose from existing Indicash site/s or propose self-owned/leased commercial space

Franchise Onboarding

Contractual Agreement, Security Deposit (refundable*), Documentation and Account Opening

ATM Room Readiness*

Civil, Carpentry, Cash Loading by Franchisee

ATM Go Live Support*

ATM, VSAT, Batteries, Branding and RBI mandated marketing collaterals, provided by TCPSL

Launch of ATM

Inauguration of the Indicash ATM Franchise site

Manage ATM Operations

Regular Cash Loading, First Level Maintenance and Upkeep of Equipments & Site

Earn with Every Transaction

Opportunity to earn revenue share with every cash and non-cash transaction

Requirements for ATM site

Shop in Shop

An exceptional opportunity to earn additional revenue!

For store owners with additional space in their store, you can also install a shop-inshop ATM.

All you need is a 4ft x 6.25ft space to setup an Indicash ATM in your shop.

Starting a Franchisee

Interest Free Refundable deposit Rs 2,41,000/-

Rs 59,000 (incl.taxes) will be deducted from initial investment.

Standard model offering customizable subject to commitment of volumes in business.

Scope of Responsibilities

Franchise Monthly Earning

  • The initial investment of Rs 1.1 Lacs is excluding cash loading fund of minimum Rs 2 Lacs. The cash loading fund will increase according to the dispense from the ATM to maintain cash of minimum 1.5 days in ATM.
  • Franchise can opt to relocate the exsisting ATM (as per agreement) with a small amount, which will be deducted from the initial investment depending on the new location.
  • Rs 0 Monthly Fixed fee.
  • Franchise’s Responsibility: Cash Replenishment, Site Rent (if applicable), Electricity Bill and House Keeping.

  • Why Partner With Us ?

    Disclaimer: Return on investment (ROl) projections are based on Business/Market estimates/past performances and does not furnish any type of guarantees or assured returns on the investments. Each Franchisee's success depends on their individual efforts and circumstances. TCPSL is not liable for any kind of express or implied loss claims/ damages on investments to franchisee due to any reason which includes but not limited to the data accuracy. availability. any information or the given business projections, the investment decision of the franchisee should be based on their independent business acumen and not to be influenced by any proposed projections.

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