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Devasena the leading whatsapp gateway provider in India to provide premium high priority whatsapp software for Instant delivery. whatsapp Marketing made so easy.

(+18% G.S.T) Rs.5900

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(+18% G.S.T) Rs.8260

  • Faster, Economic and Efficient
  • Easy to use interface
  • Send, thousands of Whatsapp message per minute
  • Send whatsapp from your PC or Laptop - Anytime      Anywhere
  • Desktop based platform for sending Whatsapp messages
  • Get delivery report, download in excel format
  • Very cost effective for advertising agencies

Software Features

Unknown sending

Sending to numbers that are not saved in the phone book ( country code must be included )

Personalized message

Including the contact name in the message.

Sending Limit Controller

There is an option to set sending x messages in x minutes to avoid the block and there is a random delay between messages as well


you can send images, videos, documents with the message.

Contact Cards

you can send a contact card.

History Feature (No duplicate sending)

if your computer shut down and bot unexpectedly closed, your sending session will not be lost,

you can continue from where it stopped

xlsx or CSV

the source of the contacts can be an xlsx file or a CSV file.

Multiple Messages

you can provide several messages to the bot and it will choose randomly between them, that means a different message every time, which means lower block chance

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