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         The term video advertising includes online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is normally accepted that it refers to advertising that happens before, through and/or after a video torrent on the internet. Increase appointment through High Impact Video Advertising; capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. Reach your target audience through in-banner video advertising or leverage our PreRoll video capabilities.

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         The advertising units used in this instance are pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll and all of these ad units are like the traditional spot advertising you see on television, although often they are "cut-down" to be a shorter version than their TV counterparts if they are run online. Advertising is the backbone of many online businesses. When it comes to websites, advertising can become a great source of revenue for the media seller and website owner and can also be a good way of displaying relevant information to the visitor. With video, your visitors get to see high quality moving images they can relate to and understand very quickly. A major consideration for website owners is where they allow these video ads to be positioned. This will be a major factor in determining the level of viewing time and the eventual revenue potential.

         Streaming videos are the rage today. By capturing or keeping the attention of the person viewing the ad the chance of your advertisers getting a sale from that ad increases. If your advertisers see results they'll be back for more. There are advantages to a well thought out website video and it is up to media sellers to communicate the main selling points and general visitor profiles to potential advertisers.

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         Video Advertising can not only make your website appear more professional and visually appealing but can also have an effect on your own conversion rate if you are selling products or services from your website. If you do use video to communicate with your visitors, you can not only create a consistent theme for attendance products and services from advertisers but also use them to promote your own. Remember that Video Advertising are not a standard size. Choose the one that suits your page will ensure the professional look while getting the point across.

         When your customers view a video that attracts and holds their attention this is all the proof you need that this method of advertising is working. Therefore, what you must do is test different ad formats and set up some kind of tracking. If you find that people are spending more time on pages where videos are placed, then you can assume they are interested in the format and general layout of the page. If you track how many people are viewing the videos, then even better?

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